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Gluten Free Goodies grew from a desire to make delicious gluten free baked goods, that were indistinguishable from their gluten laden counterparts.

With two children diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it soon became apparent that a lot of the commercial products out there just did not taste very good! According to our 7 year old taste tester, they were quite, yucky! So began our quest to make "non-yucky" gluten free baked goods!

Just because someone has to give up gluten, doesn't mean they have to give up taste. Our goal is to make our baked goods, taste just like grandma used to make!

Our products are always available by special request. Call us for showers, weddings, parties etc...

Have an old favorites, you thought was gone forever? Give us a call! We will do our very best to transform it into a gluten free goodie! (Additional charges apply)

All our food is gluten free and made on dedicated gluten free equipment. Most other allergies can be accommodated by request. With the exception of peanuts and tree nuts.



Inspected and Approved By NYS For Home Processing and
Selling to Retail Establishments.

We are dedicated to providing high quality gluten free baked goods.

* Prices Subject To Change Without Notices. *

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